$100 – The start of a Hifdh Journey

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10 years ago, just before my sister and I set off for University, my father came to us and talked a little bit about the benefits of Surah Mulk. He said he’d give us $100 each as a prize if we memorized it. He gave us a month, 30 days, 30 ayaat, and that was that.  Both of us did it, not really for the $100, but because it was something he was asking us to do (he rarely asked for anything) and I guess we wanted to do it for him.

What my dad started was a life-long desire to learn Allah’s Book. Memorizing Surah Mulk lead me to want to memorise the rest of the 29th Juz. Those undergraduate years were the ones in which I memorised the most Qur’an in the shortest amount of time to date. I believe it opened up the doors of ‘ilm. It was during those years that I began actively looking for teachers for Hifdh and Tajweed, I began to take formal Arabic classes and started attending AlMaghrib and AlKauthar courses. 

The lesson here?

Go ahead, do it. Take that step toward memorizing Allah’s Book. Make du’a, check your intention and go for it. It doesn’t matter if you’re 60 or or 20 because subhanAllah, you don’t know what doors it will open up – now and for the rest of your life. For here I am, 10 years later, still gripped with the desire to memorise and live by Allah SWT’s Words. And it all started with a $100.

Note: Here’s a great article on motivating kids to memorize the Qur’an.


  1. Wow – mashaAllah I’ve just sat here reading all your hifdh journey posts. You should defo write more on it. It motivates others like me. We need to surrounded my good examples and with the growth of a social media community, we need examples on there too. xx

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