30 Days of Crafts for the Qur’an Words

A very awesome sister has compiled a list of crafts to go with each of the 30 Qur’an Words. It’s a fantastic resource so please do make du’a for her and her family!

Guest Post:

Growing up in the Middle East, Ramadan was always just…extra special – The call of the muezzin, sharing iftar with neighbours and friends, the canon signalling the end of suhur and the electric atmosphere filled with hope and excitement.

Here in the UK, with the longer working/ studying hours for most parents/ siblings and the even longer fasts (18 hours anyone?!), Ramadan can often seem like any other time of year for the littlies.

While I’ve tried the Ramadan corners, the sadaqa boxes( Lord I even made up a Ramadan song), this year I wanted to make Ramadan extra special for my extremely creative 2.5 year old and make her fall even more in love with Allah.

Armed with my beautifully designed Quran cards from Fitra learning and my new found love for Pinterest, I decided to come up with a list of activities we could do every day, based on the words from the Quran.

Whilst the activities are mainly aimed at 2.5-5 year olds, I have included some that can be done by younger or older kids, to get them involved and feeling that Ramadan ‘buzz’ too.


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