Assalamu Alaikum wa rahmatullah!

Welcome =)

We’re sisters (the blood-related kind), wives, daughters and the oh-so-important role that sparked all of this – mamas to Zaid, Sumayya & Musa and Ibraheem.

Parenthood: Muslim Style started out as a Pinterest board to collect and organize all the wonderful resources on parenting we came across. This blog was then born out of a need to share our own thoughts, ideas and resources. You’ll find us dabbling in alternative education, learning Arabic, exploring the great outdoors, reading many books and attempting to do just about anything in pursuit of Jannah.

We pray that everything we do here pleases Allah SWT and is of benefit to us and others. Any good that comes from it is from Allah alone.

May He ‘azza wa jal make our children and spouses the coolness of our eyes and make us all of the Muttaqeen (pious). Ameen!

Sara & Saadia