Tools for Memorizing the Qur’an – Apps I use


1.) iQuran:

What I use it for: 

Qari: It has the option of downloading ‘Afasy’s recitation which is exactly what I need!

Repetition of ayaat: If i’m memorizing a new ayah, I just set it to repeat between 4 – 10 times. If I just want to listen to it while driving or doing something around the house I set it to only play the next 5 to 10 ayaat and then start over. I love that feature!

Translation: If I’m out and about and want to read a translation, iQuran would be handy because it has several translations to choose from.

2.) Bayan Qur’an:

What I use it for: 

Qaris: it A LOT of Qaris to choose from (Afasy included). Side note: It’s the only app I’ve found that has Salah Bukhatir. Give him a listen if you haven’t him before, just beautiful! I like playing that recitation for ZB.

Translation of each individual word: As I mentioned in this post, it’s really important for me to know the meaning of each word, especially when memorizing longer ayaat. Before downloading Bayan Qur’an I would use these books. Less bulk for me to carry around now Alhamdullilah!

Root word: In addition to the meaning of each word, it gives the root word and morphology. Great for all Arabic grammar students.

**Important note** – People have had complaints re: Bayan Qur’an because of the translation it uses. Some have even said pages of the Qur’an are missing. I don’t use it for translation nor have I come across missing pages. Allahu’alam! Good to take note of though.

3.) Quran Reader:

What I use it for:

Reading: This is the first Quran app I ever downloaded and I still do use it occasionally. Like Bayan Quran, it feels like an actual mushaf. However, I would probably have replaced it completely with Bayan Quran if not for the concern raised re: missing pages.

Other recommended apps:

1.) Quran Explorer – my sister uses this instead of iQuran. It seems to be just as good.

2.) Memorize Quran – if I had an older child, I would definitely be trying this app out.


Any apps to share or recommend?


  1. As salam alaykum wrwb, how did the rest of the journey go? I’m just starting mine and it’s so inspirational to see a lovely mummy like you posting about the journey. I love your instagram so much, you’re the mum I aspire to me one day iA, fun, active, spiritual and positive mA!

    May Allah swt put abundant blessings in your life for all your efforts, ameen, jzk :)

    • Wa’alaykum salaam wa rahmatullah dear sister. jazakiAllahu khairan for the encouragement and taking the time to tell me, it means a lot. And ameen to your lovely du’a! :) Ah, the Hifdh journey continues in stops and starts. It’s always 2 steps forward and 1 step back, but Alhamdullilah I’ve come to terms with that! Having a teacher is what helps me the most actually. IA will write up a post about that sometime. Much love and may Allah bless you in your hifdh journey.

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