Philosophy on Education

Bismillah: Ah, educating our children. The concern of every Muslim parent. Public school, private school, Islamic school, homeschool, unschool. It can get confusing and overwhelming to say the least. My sister Saadia and I are blessed in that our first-borns are the same age, we generally have the same goals in mind and we’ve both decided […]

Adventures in Arabic Playgroup – The First Month

So, what is Arabic Playgroup? It’s really just a fancy name Saadia came up with for getting a friend of hers – a native Arab speaker – to come over and play with the kids once a week for an hour or so. ZB is 28 months old, my nephew (Ibs) is 25 months and […]

Why I want my kids to learn Arabic: Part 2

The points are mostly a transcript of this lecture by Nouman Ali Khan. I’ve just added my thoughts here and there. Read Part 1 here. Part 2: 4.) ‘The best amongst you is the one who learns the Qur’an and teaches it’ [Bukhari] It’s a well known hadith. The issue though, is that when we think […]

Why I want my kids to learn Arabic: Part 1

After intending to incorporate Arabic into ZB’s day for pretty much the last 2 years, we’ve finally started an Arabic playgroup of sorts. As we take baby steps toward our goal (being completely fluent in Modern Standard Arabic) I wanted to remind myself why I’m doing this, why is Arabic so important? This lecture on […]

How I memorize: The step by step process

  Everyone has their own unique way of memorizing the Qur’an. As I set out to break down the steps I take personally, I realize how much my process has evolved over the last 10 years. I also realize how reflective it is of my personality, it’s totally screaming visual learner.  So here goes… Step 1: I […]

Tools for Memorizing the Qur’an – Apps I use

1.) iQuran: What I use it for:  Qari: It has the option of downloading ‘Afasy’s recitation which is exactly what I need! Repetition of ayaat: If i’m memorizing a new ayah, I just set it to repeat between 4 – 10 times. If I just want to listen to it while driving or doing something around […]

$100 – The start of a Hifdh Journey

10 years ago, just before my sister and I set off for University, my father came to us and talked a little bit about the benefits of Surah Mulk. He said he’d give us $100 each as a prize if we memorized it. He gave us a month, 30 days, 30 ayaat, and that was […]

Everyone needs a reBOOT – Thoughts on Confessions of a Muslim MOMmaholic’s reBOOT

I took the re-BOOT on a whim. I’ve never taken any self-improvement courses, never even considered them really. I’ve always thought of myself as the sort of person who knows who I am, what I want and the things I need to change. But there was something, something about this that just clicked. And even though I […]

Why I’m blogging about my Hifdh journey

  *deep breath* I have wrestled with the idea of blogging about my hifdh journey for some time. It’s so open, so out there, so not me. And more importantly, it seems kind of…wrong. I mean, I should be keeping my good deeds to myself right? Riyaa (showing off) – what if I’m just doing […]

Notes to my Children: Why I’m writing these notes.

Dear ZB and Numi, I have an infinite amount of things that I want to tell you about. They pop into my head all the time. Sometimes it’s silly stuff like how marbles are made (Daddy described this to me – fascinating!). But mostly, I want to tell you about things that I hope will […]