Bayyinah Access: 1 term later


We’ve finished Semester 1 of Bayyinah Access Alhamdullilah! Since registration is open for the next intake of Access 1, some of you have been asking me about my experience with it, so here are my thoughts:

Time Commitment? 

I’d been mentally preparing myself to be a CRAZY level of busy but Alhamdullilah it wasn’t quite like that. I mean, yes, it definitely is intense, after all, adding 8 hours of class time to each week (6 hours after the first month) requires some adjustment. That being said, one of the best things about Bayyinah Access is that it’s designed for ‘busy people’. What this means is they’ve built a lot of repetition into class time which makes the concepts clearer and gives you more of time to practice in class. I did often need to go over the material over the weekends (I also generally caught up with homework then!) it helped solidify what I’d learned during the week.

How did you manage it with your kids? 

To give you some background there are two sessions for each scheduled day of Bayyinah Access

-A  lecture session (1 hour 15 minutes) and a follow-up discussion session (45 minutes long).

My kids are currently 3.5 and almost 2 and having either class while they were awake just wasn’t working for me – I was interrupted wayyy too many times!  I eventually fell into a rhythm that worked – I watched the lecture session in the evening when my husband came home/the kids went to bed and I switched to an early morning discussion session (5 am: yes I was super groggy me but at least the kids were asleep ;)).   I also tried to make use of my free ‘pockets of time’ during the day, for example if there were concepts that needed to be memorized I’d say them out loud when the kids and I were in the car.

Bottom line for parents or anyone attending university/school/working full-time, it’s possible even if you don’t catch the live lectures. Oh yes there were days where I’d much rather go to bed or just relax rather than watch 1 hour and 15 minutes of Arabic but Alhamdullilah the classes are fun and interesting and I honestly didn’t want to miss them.

Even though this is what I’m doing, I do think it’s ideal if you can watch the class at the scheduled time (and I know that other mothers with little kids have done it/are doing it!). Watching recordings make one want to procrastinate if you know what I mean. But I’ve been working through it, so either way is do-able iA.

How hard is it, really? 

There has been many a day where my head was just spinning during class as I tried to wrap it around all the concepts being explained. Turns out though, most people felt that way, which was reassuring – you’re never alone in this. The Adobe Connect system the classes are relayed through has a chat box which enables you to connect with other online students. Another huge plus is the instructors and TAs are SO encouraging and helpful. They’ve been with us every step of the way and they’re super enthusiastic about the material, it’s hard not to get pretty excited too. May Allah reward them all!

What’s the difference between Arabic with Husna and Bayyinah Access?

I’ve only completed a few videos of Arabic with Husna (AwH) so I can’t give a proper comparison. What I do know is that AwH is slower paced and of course, there’s no deadline to follow so you can take it at your own pace. From my experience, AwH requires a reasonable amount of self discipline to follow through with. The live discussions and lectures in Access 1, not to mention the ability to connect with instructors and TAs helps a lot.

How much of the Qur’an will I be able to understand in Arabic once the course is over?

I don’t think this has a straightforward answer, will I be able to pick up a Qur’an and translate every sentence once the course is over? No. BUT when I open the Qur’an and apply the concepts I’ve learned it gives me a deeper connection with Allah’s Words and that is what it’s all about. In both the lecture and discussion session we’re constantly introduced to Qur’anic gems relevant to what we’re studying and it’s mind-blowing!

I think Access 1 is giving me an incredibly strong foundation in Qur’anic Arabic and inshaa Allah I’m looking forward to taking Access 2 and 3 to build upon this knowledge. From what I understand completing all the Bayyinah Access programs will take students to the same level of Arabic as a Bayyinah Dream graduate.

Hope that helps! I still have 2 terms to go so inshaa Allah I hope to continue posting about my journey :)


  1. JazakAllah khair for the detailed description about the course…… your write ups are always helpful. ..BarakAllah feekum. ….
    One question, bayyinah Access 1 is the same as what we learned in the quran class… (The one me and salmah went to)… or is it advance level….

  2. Assalamuwalekum,

    Thank you sister for the detailed inputs and feedback on the access course 1. I have not done access 1 online but have done with Arabic with Husna this point, Iam thinking of access 2 . Wanted to know your feeling on this? Do you know anyone who is in similar shoes as mine ?

    • Wa’alaykum salaam wa rahmatullah!

      mashaAllah you finished Arabic with Husna, that’s amazing! So I don’t really know anyone in your shoes, but from what I understand the curriculum of Access 1 is pretty much the same as Arabic with Husna so I THINK you’d be the same level. The registration page for Access 2 has a self-assessment, did you check it out? Your best option is to message the folks at Bayyinah Access, they have a Facebook page and I believe they reply pretty quickly.

      Hope that helps!

      • Reshma Hussain says:

        Jazakallah sister for your inputs. I saw it now after such a long time. My bad :( Alhamdulillah I did take access 2 and was able to complete it. What about you sister ? where are you in your journey ? Do let us know. take care

  3. Asalaam,
    I have a question for you and for sister Reshma.
    Both of you have completed different types of courses, which to me seem the same but with their own differences in the method of teaching/learning. But the end result brings you to the same point? Am I correct to think that?
    Also my biggest confusion is, I’m not sure where to spend my time or to start with. Access 1 online is starting in Feb( but $700), and AWH is always available at my own pace. But what about the vocabulary? From my understanding is these crs’s will teach how the word is conjugated etc, but if at the end of the day I don’t know what it men’s, then I haven’t achieved much at this point. Could both of you plz give your thoughts, it would be greatly appreciated. Also for the vocabulary, what resources or what path are you taking to tackle that aspect of the Quranic Arabic.

    • Wa’alaykum salaam Br Hasan!

      I believe the end result is similar to AWH but I still have a month or so to go for Access 1. With regard to vocabulary, I have a roundabout answer – when we started Sarf, there has been some vocabulary built into the course, but more importantly, they’ve just taught us how to use the Hans Wehr and Lane’s Lexicon dictionaries which is SO important. Let me explain why – now that we’ve memorized sarf patterns and can identify the ‘family’ the word comes from and the root letters, THEN we can use the dictionary to get the exact meaning. After all, the same root can result in multiple meanings. Also, by doing all the homework, quizzes etc, I think there’s a fair amount of oft-repeated Qur’anic vocabulary you naturally pick up.

      The course opened my eyes to how important grammar is, vocabulary will tell you what each word means, but without grammar the sentence structure won’t make much sense which ultimately means, you won’t know what exactly is being said. It’ll be a jumble of words :)

      Like I said in the post above, I’m very much at the beginning of this journey, so far I have no plans for vocabulary outside of the course, I am taking Access 2 inshaaAllah, so I’ll see how that goes as well! It’s really hit me that there’s a lot of work to put in, but bi’ithnillah it will pay off.

      Hope this helped in some way!

      • Reshma Hussain says:


        Sorry for the late response.Alhamdulillah I finished access 2 and as sister Sara said, access 1 is pretty much the same as AWH. Infact AWH includes a few portions like irregular sarf which is not part of access 1. So if anyone is contemplating whether Access 1 or AWH- what I feel is – this depends on your own commitment level and financial limits- If you can afford it then do go for Access 1 – multiple benefits – You will be guided and spoon-fed as to what to focus on when you first start of and you will be completing it within 3 months In Sha Allah, plus the hands-on project work will help you immensely in terms of I’rab and vocab. On the other hand AWH is good but requires a lot of commitment on personal level and if you can do it – then great- You can definitely jump to access 2 after doing AWH – as I had done and I found a few more students who had followed this path. I pray that Allah (Swt) guides us all and makes it easy for all of us Aameen

  4. Shakeel Zahid says:

    Salaam Sister,

    I have just received my pack for Access 1 starting February inshaaAllah. But, i have realised a prerequisite is to be able to write arabic… i can copy arabic writing… but can’t exactly write free flow from the top of my head… what kind of arabic writing skills are required?

    JazaakAllahu khayr.

    • Wsalaams!

      Apologies for the late reply. So I had a think about what I write in Arabic for the course and it’s mostly when doing the grammatical analysis of sentences. For example simple phrases like:”Fi’l Maadhi (past tense fi’l) etc. in Arabic, but most of what it is terms that we write very often, so I’m sure once you got the hang of it, you’d be fine.

      Also, did you check out the writing practice exercises that Bayyinah suggested?

      I’m sure that would help too iA

  5. Salam Sister,

    Have registered for Access 1 starting February 2016 have few questions :

    1. How much Arabic as a prerequisite one should know to be comfortable with Access 1 Online ? I’ll consider myself a super beginner (just finished qaida noorania) so need some opinion in whether it will be too early to jump into Access Online or wait until i get fluent with reading Quran ?

    2. With above limitation in place i do have an intense desire to learn Arabic proper way on the earliest without waiting too much so just like to know the attempt with Bayyinah Access will be worth the effort ?

    JazaakAllahu khayr.

    • Wsalaams :)

      So I asked one of my classmates who was in a similar situation to yours to answer your question from her point of view:

      “I actually started access 1 with just the basics of being able to recognize the letters – I didn’t even know where one word began and the other ended. The program actually helped me with being able to see the words. If someone has the intention to learn they can do it.

      My few pieces of advice would be:
      To not compare yourself to others esp in the beginning. There are a lot of people for whom this is the 4th or 5th time of trying to learn the material so they start off with a baseline knowledge and familiarity with the Arabic terms, they may have memorized some of the Ayats etc. The Access program works for all levels. I make allowances for myself – for example as long as I could do the Irab (grammatical analysis) of the sentence I didn’t worry too much about memorizing things. I just relied on using cheat sheets I made for myself and the book. Same for Sarf- the chanting was not something I found helpful to me and I don’t have any of the Sarf chart memorized but I understand the concept and do the dictionary etc. it’s really about making personal accommodations to get the max benefit. The other big thing I found useful was to not even worry about what the passage was saying even though many people knew what things said. I just kept applying the concepts and making du’a and slowly little things make sense. And just keep remembering that Allah swears he makes the Quran easy to remember.

      It is a lot of work. You do need to make sure you allot the time- esp the first month it is easy to fall behind if you don’t keep up with the hw everyday. And go to the discussion sessions – they are where most of my learning was solidified with the help of our TA and our awesome group”

  6. Hiba Ilyas says:


    I want to know if 700$ is really worth the 5 month program?

  7. ummu abdillah says:

    Assalamualaikum sister. may i know what is the fifferences between the course of Arabic with Husna and bayyinah access?

  8. Asalamualakium, I am very interested in taking Access 1 inshallah but I was wondering how much vocab do you actually learn? Thanks

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