Bayyinah Access – The Start of a Journey

bayyinah access program

In the days leading up to the start of Bayyinah’s Access program, I began to panic. How can I manage this? With the kids? Chores? My other classes? Family commitments?  Aaaaaaaaah! Yup, serious panic. 

But Alhamdullilah, panicking was helpful in a way. It made me re-examine my day and as it turns out, hyper-consciousness of one’s day is a very good thing. I began to notice the various “pockets of time” that I don’t use well or at all. The hysteria subsided and was replaced with thoughts of: “Yes, inshaa Allah, I do have time for this!”

Panic and time-analyzing aside, the main purpose of writing about my journey through Bayyinah Access is to track my progress. I also hope it gives others interested in taking the program insight into what it’s like and how they too can manage it (or any other course!) in their lives.

Before I talk about Access, what’s my Arabic ‘level’ going into the program? Brief history of my Arabic studies: A bi-weekly extra class when I was at University was my introduction to Arabic grammar and it was an incredibly fun and useful one Alhamdullilah. The brother running the program used bits and pieces of the Understand Qur’an program and anything else he thought would be useful. 5 years later I can’t quite remember what we learned exactly, but much of what I can understand of grammar today started there.

Since I’m tracking progress, I’m going to open up the Qur’an and pick an ayah at random and see how much of it I can understand: *opens Qur’an* And the winner is: Verse 13 of Surah Muhammad:

The first thing I do is start separating all the words (it’s so interesting for me to analyze my own process!). This is what I know (or think I know). Excuse the bad transliteration!

Min is from. Qaryatin is a town (I think), Heeya is probably “it”, Qaryatika: your town? Akhrajatka – I think the word ‘leaving/get out is in there and there’s a you at the end  Alakhnahum – their family? Fala – will not? Naasiralahum – help/benefit them.

So it would appear that I can do the pronouns somewhat, I think there’s some vocab in there that I know. If I were to put the whole sentence together I’d say that Allah is talking about a town and people leaving it and their family won’t benefit them. Ummm, yeah, clearly I can’t make much sense of what’s being said as a whole, so let’s hope Bayyinah Access will change that bi’ithnillah!!

To be continued inshaa Allah :) 








  1. Assalamu ‘aleykum!
    My husband wants to attend Bayyinah’s Access 2016 program. Can you share your experience?

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