Bayyinah Access: 1 term later

We’ve finished Semester 1 of Bayyinah Access Alhamdullilah! Since registration is open for the next intake of Access 1, some of you have been asking me about my experience with it, so here are my thoughts: Time Commitment?  I’d been mentally preparing myself to be a CRAZY level of busy but Alhamdullilah it wasn’t quite like that. I […]

Bayyinah Access – The Start of a Journey

In the days leading up to the start of Bayyinah’s Access program, I began to panic. How can I manage this? With the kids? Chores? My other classes? Family commitments?  Aaaaaaaaah! Yup, serious panic.  But Alhamdullilah, panicking was helpful in a way. It made me re-examine my day and as it turns out, hyper-consciousness of one’s day […]

Are your kids learning Arabic? You NEED this book.

The Usborne ‘First Thousand Words in Arabic’ What’s it all about? The book is filled with ‘scenes’ on a double page spread, for instance, ‘at the park’, ‘at the beach’, ‘at the hospital’. Bordering each scene are individual pictures labelled in Arabic and transliteration. There are also pages dedicated to opposites, animals, numbers, colours, the weather, […]

Adventures in Arabic Playgroup – The First Month

So, what is Arabic Playgroup? It’s really just a fancy name Saadia came up with for getting a friend of hers – a native Arab speaker – to come over and play with the kids once a week for an hour or so. ZB is 28 months old, my nephew (Ibs) is 25 months and […]

Why I want my kids to learn Arabic: Part 2

The points are mostly a transcript of this lecture by Nouman Ali Khan. I’ve just added my thoughts here and there. Read Part 1 here. Part 2: 4.) ‘The best amongst you is the one who learns the Qur’an and teaches it’ [Bukhari] It’s a well known hadith. The issue though, is that when we think […]

Why I want my kids to learn Arabic: Part 1

After intending to incorporate Arabic into ZB’s day for pretty much the last 2 years, we’ve finally started an Arabic playgroup of sorts. As we take baby steps toward our goal (being completely fluent in Modern Standard Arabic) I wanted to remind myself why I’m doing this, why is Arabic so important? This lecture on […]