Bayyinah Access: 1 term later

We’ve finished Semester 1 of Bayyinah Access Alhamdullilah! Since registration is open for the next intake of Access 1, some of you have been asking me about my experience with it, so here are my thoughts: Time Commitment?  I’d been mentally preparing myself to be a CRAZY level of busy but Alhamdullilah it wasn’t quite like that. I […]

Bayyinah Access – The Start of a Journey

In the days leading up to the start of Bayyinah’s Access program, I began to panic. How can I manage this? With the kids? Chores? My other classes? Family commitments?  Aaaaaaaaah! Yup, serious panic.  But Alhamdullilah, panicking was helpful in a way. It made me re-examine my day and as it turns out, hyper-consciousness of one’s day […]

Ramadan Planner 2015 – Let’s get organized!

For a while now, I’ve just assumed that I’m not a planner kinda girl. I tried using a few in university but eventually they were always cast away and left to collect dust. Until this year when I read about the Erin Condren planner recommended by Seher over at Simply in Control. I bought it […]

Dear Me eagerly awaiting Ramadan in 2015

As Ramadan 2014 drew to a close, I had a stroke of genius (well, I thought so anyway!) The idea was to write a letter to myself, the me preparing for Ramadan in 2015. It was mainly a reflection on Ramadan 2014 while it was fresh on my mind and also to give ‘future me’ […]

Everyone needs a reBOOT – Thoughts on Confessions of a Muslim MOMmaholic’s reBOOT

I took the re-BOOT on a whim. I’ve never taken any self-improvement courses, never even considered them really. I’ve always thought of myself as the sort of person who knows who I am, what I want and the things I need to change. But there was something, something about this that just clicked. And even though I […]