Small Deeds Big Rewards

This past Ramadan I had a 5 week old baby; this meant round the clock nursing and little sleep which in turn meant that typical extra ‘ibadah took somewhat of a backseat. Alhamdullilah though, Allah places you in all situations for a reason, the inability to perform those deeds I was used to, led me […]

30 Days of Crafts for the Qur’an Words

A very awesome sister has compiled a list of crafts to go with each of the 30 Qur’an Words. It’s a fantastic resource so please do make du’a for her and her family! Guest Post: Growing up in the Middle East, Ramadan was always just…extra special – The call of the muezzin, sharing iftar with […]

Encouraging my kids to talk to Allah – ‘Thank you, Sorry, Please’: The concept, how we use it and free printables

There is nothing quite as soothing as sitting down on my prayer mat or on a park bench or anywhere nice and quiet and just talking to Allah. To thank Him, to seek forgiveness and of course to ask du’a. It’s a habit I want to instil in my kids from a young age, so […]