Dear Me eagerly awaiting Ramadan in 2015

Ramadan reflection

As Ramadan 2014 drew to a close, I had a stroke of genius (well, I thought so anyway!) The idea was to write a letter to myself, the me preparing for Ramadan in 2015. It was mainly a reflection on Ramadan 2014 while it was fresh on my mind and also to give ‘future me’ ideas on how to improve if I was to be blessed to experience one the following year. Here’s an excerpt:

Dear Me eagerly awaiting Ramadan,

This Ramadan has been different. But then again, so have the last three, with pregnancies, infants, toddlers and all that comes with it.

What I learned this Ramadan:

– I need to constantly remember that Allah has blessed me with taking care of these little people. Taking care of them is a chance to gain more rewards, not a barrier.  It’s hard work, but that’s why ihtisaab is just so important!

*note* Ihtisaab is a word in Arabic that refers to doing good deeds with the intention of seeking reward from Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala, Sheikh Omar Suleiman has a great Ramadan prep video explaining it here.

– I over-consumed information this month, Islamic information. I need to control how many articles I read, videos I watch and focus on reflecting more. Reflect, reflect REFLECT and take more action bi-ithnillah. 

Going forward, I think what my past self wrote was pretty important and still very applicable to me. The point of sharing this wasn’t so you can benefit from the awesome Sara in 2014, but rather highlighting the importance of self-reflection.

Reflection can fuel so many things –  our goals for this Ramadan (just 2 weeks away!), things we need to be mindful of, grateful for, ask forgiveness for and so much more. When discussing the ‘Ulul albaab (often translated as ‘those of understanding’), Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan said:

“the ability to think, ponder and reflect is the essence of what makes a human being. Deep reflection – that’s a gift from Allah.”

So here’s to more reflection inshaAllah, during this Ramadan and beyond, my letter from the past was an important reminder for me. And of course it doesn’t have to be in written form, but I always find it helpful. So go forth and put pen to paper, fingers to keyboard or thumbs to keypad and reflect away :)






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