Encouraging my kids to talk to Allah – ‘Thank you, Sorry, Please’: The concept, how we use it and free printables


There is nothing quite as soothing as sitting down on my prayer mat or on a park bench or anywhere nice and quiet and just talking to Allah. To thank Him, to seek forgiveness and of course to ask du’a. It’s a habit I want to instil in my kids from a young age, so when I came across the the ‘Thank you, Sorry, Please’ idea last year it stuck with me. We added it to our bedtime routine a month or so ago and it went really well so I decided to make a little printable for each of the kids. They really enjoy the cards! It’s great to have a visual cue and if my husband or myself forget, they tend to remind us because the cards are in their room.

In addition to talking to Allah, I love that it encourages a little reflection on how the day went. We don’t always find something to say ‘Sorry’ for but there are ALWAYS always things we thank Allah for and of course, things to make du’a for. I also like the fact that when I sit down to do with them, they hear what I’m thankful for, what I’m making du’a for, something I didn’t really share with them before!

Here are the printables if you’re interested. I had to zip the files as they’re rather large!

Girl Version

Boy Version



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