How I memorize: The step by step process


How to memorize Quran step by step

Everyone has their own unique way of memorizing the Qur’an. As I set out to break down the steps I take personally, I realize how much my process has evolved over the last 10 years. I also realize how reflective it is of my personality, it’s totally screaming visual learner.  So here goes…

Step 1: I grab my Qur’an and iPad/iPhone (recently, I’ve been turning aeroplane mode on to limit distractions).

how to memorize quran

Step 2: I read the ayah out loud in Arabic and read through the meaning.

how to memorize quran

Step 3: I listen to a Qari (it’s been Mishary Rashid Afasy for the last 7 years or so) to ensure that I’m pronouncing everything correctly. I generally hit repeat anywhere between 4-10 times on the iQur’an/Bayan Qur’an app. Towards the end I sometimes recite along with him.

how to memorize quran

Step 4: I read the meaning again and  look up any words I don’t know in the Bayan Qur’an app. This really makes things easier when I’m doing longer ayaat.

how to memorize quran

Step 5: I look into the Qur’an and just read the ayah 5 times.

how to memorize quran

Step 6: I close the Qur’an (or look away from it) and repeat the ayah 5 times. If I forget, I quickly look back, check the ayah and resume the number of repetitions i.e. I generally don’t do more than 5 repetitions.

how to memorize quran

Step 7: I look back into the Qur’an and read the ayah another 5 times.


Step 8: I generally repeat the ayah once or twice more without looking into the Qur’an.

And repeat!

So  it sounds more complicated than I thought. It really isn’t though! Steps 5-7 are relatively new for me. Sometimes I struggle to do all 5 repetitions – mostly because I’m in a hurry! But when I supress the urge to rush ahead and do all 5, it helps solidify the ayah much more than my previous haphazard repetition system.

If you’re wondering why I’m writing about this at all, please read this post :)


Thoughts or questions? Oh and if you’re reading this and have your own system of memorizing the Qur’an, I would love to hear from you. I want to start a series of posts on the different methods people use. 


  1. Asalaamwalikum- beautiful- Allah bless you with more ilm. I do what you do somewhat, so it makes me smile. I am not as you, wish I could. My memory escapes me sometimes- but I really enjoyed reading this sharing-

    • Walaikum salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakathu, Ameen dear ukhti. jazakhAllah khair for taking the time to tell me, it means a lot. May Allah bless you in your journey to learn His Book :)

  2. ameen- Love and Allah’s blessings :)

  3. Humaira NB Ameen says:

    Alhamdulillah this is exactly what I needed.

  4. I am truly grateful for your information. I am newly converted and I struggle with memorization of the Quran as I don’t know Arabic very well at all. So I am studying to learn both.

  5. As salaamu alaikum. Thank you for this. I am always thankful to read about other sister’s methods of memorizing Quran. I am also a visual learner, so InShaAllah I will try this!

  6. Assalamu’alaikum, dear Sara. Thank you for posting this very good steps.

    I’m Indonesian. In my country, there is a special kind of Al-Qur’an used to memorize. Each page is completed by columns. The basic method is repetition.

    Insha Allah, I wanna try this.

    • Aslam o Alaikum
      Can u share some pics or ur memorizing Quran at my FB account?
      Sabiha sabi is my account id
      Jazak Allah

  7. Asalam o Alaikum
    Hope for the best and aman for u
    Great work
    I’m also memorizing the Holy Quran from past so many years but unluckily could not completed It.
    I’ll try this method now
    Plz pray for my completion successfully and also for my marriage
    Pray for me plz
    Jazak Allah

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