Notes to my Children: Why I’m writing these notes.


Dear ZB and Numi,

I have an infinite amount of things that I want to tell you about. They pop into my head all the time. Sometimes it’s silly stuff like how marbles are made (Daddy described this to me – fascinating!). But mostly, I want to tell you about things that I hope will benefit you in this life and the next. Things, that will bi-ithnillah, make you strive harder to please Allah.

So I’m writing notes. Notes to help me to remember to talk to you about it when you’re old enough to understand, for you to read perhaps, when you’re much older and in need of a reminder, and most importantly, notes to remind myself.

Love always,


p.s. I should clarify that although these notes aren’t the old fashioned ones, stuffed into a box for you to find and read many years later. They’ve been written (*cough* typed out) with as much love and care. You see, these are the kind of notes that water can’t damage and little hands can’t find and tear to shreds. I consider myself a practical woman.


  1. Love this idea!

  2. Salmah Shahnawaz says:

    Why don’t they just have a thumbs up emoticon so I can click that on all the posts? =P =D <3

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