Philosophy on Education



Ah, educating our children. The concern of every Muslim parent. Public school, private school, Islamic school, homeschool, unschool. It can get confusing and overwhelming to say the least. My sister Saadia and I are blessed in that our first-borns are the same age, we generally have the same goals in mind and we’ve both decided to forgo pre-school for the time being. 

As we set out on this journey to ‘educate’ our children for the next 2 1/2 years (till they are 5 or 6) we feel it’s important for us to lay out our overarching philosophy on education. We have lots of ideas floating around so it’s time to start sorting them out and putting them down on paper! We firmly believe that writing out a philosophy will inshaAllah make the school-selection process easier when the time comes.

The Key Components:


The Great Outdoors



All that letter-number stuff 😉

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