Ramadan 30 Day Activity: ‘Let’s find a word in the Qur’an’

30 Day Ramadan Actiity

Update 2017: We now have a list of crafts to go with each of the Qur’an Words!

Over the past few months Zaid and Ibraheem have often asked us what verses in the Qur’an mean. It’s lovely really, sitting together with the Qur’an, trying our best to explain it in simple terms. Their curiosity about this Book despite it being  in a language they don’t understand, is beautiful. This lead to the idea of ‘finding’ a word in the Qur’an every day in Ramadan.

How the activity works: 

1.) We’ve compiled a list of words in the Qur’an (see attached PDF). Each word picked is within a verse that we feel we’ll be able to easily explain to our 3 year olds. Every day we’ll excitedly open up an envelope with a word card in it and find the word in the Qur’an.


2.) We want to open up the Qur’an with our kids, find the word of the day within a verse and discuss it briefly. The discussion can lead to more discussion, it can lead to an activity or a craft, exploration outside, reading a book or it can lead to nothing at all.

Examples of activities:

– A ‘phases of the moon’ craft after discussing the moon

– Make felt prayer magnets after discussing Salah

– Read ‘Eric Carle’s The Very Busy Spider’ after discussing the spider

– Make/buy an ant farm after discussing the ants

– Look up the water cycle after discussing the rain

– Pick a night to go star gazing after discussing the stars

The main aim of this 30 day activity is how we want them to feel about Allah’s Book. If they learn new words/concepts along the way, Alhamdullilah, but that’s not the reason we’re doing this. This activity is about celebrating Allah’s Words. We want it to be EXCITING and since excitement is contagious, the more excited we seem about the Qur’an, the more excited they will be too inshaAllah.

ramadan quran activity for kids

3.) The kids get to stick the words on to a chart each day!

ramadan kids 30 day activity

So if you’re interested in doing this activity with your kids too, please please go ahead. Download the pdf, print out the pictures and the chart, put the pictures in envelopes and you’re done!

NOTE: If you’re not entirely sure what to discuss with your kids, we’ve included examples of what we’d probably open up discussion with. It’s very VERY simplistic and is not a script by any means! The beauty of this activity is that it can be adapted :)

We’ve also developed a new activity for Ramadan 2016 if you’re interested :)


30 words in the Qur’an (print on A4)

30 day chart (print on A2)

Examples of how we plan to open up discussion, Days 1 – 10

Examples. Days 11 – 20.

Examples. Day 21 – 30.


  1. Salams

    This is fantastic, thank you for sharing. I’ve been looking for something simple to do with my four year old and this is definitely the best thing I’ve found. May Allah reward your effortd

    • Wsalaams,

      Ameen! Alhamdullilah so very glad you’ll be using it.

    • Salaams!
      Thank you for this great resource – its colourful, exciting and learning for all!
      May Allah reward you for all your effort…Ameen.

    • This is a brilliant idea :) a brief explanation behind every day/ word would be really helpful – that we can use to explain to the lil ones :)
      May Allah accept all ur efforts

      • Ameen! Did you check the 3rd pdf “How we plan to open up discussion” Seema? It has a really simple explanation of Days 1-10. IA Days 11-30 will up soon too!

  2. your sister says:

    Wonderful activity i have shared with many already. Please notice the word bee is with a ح and not a ه i hope you can rectify this easily jazakillahu khayran! :-)

  3. This is awesome awesomeness! :)

    Love it

  4. This is super awesome. Thank you for sharing. May Allah bless you and family. :)

  5. Wonderful mashallah

  6. MashaAllah, I love these cards! Thank you for sharing, may Allah reward you. Ramadan Mubarak!

  7. JazakAllah hu khair, may Allah swt get pleased with you and your family, may we all get benefited from this

  8. Omg I love this! I wanted to do something fun and basic with my 3 year old and this looks so colorful, meaningful and perfect. May you be rewarded immensely for your efforts.

    Question: what do you mean by printing on A4 and A2?

    • Alhamdullilah I’m so glad! So A2 & A4 just refer to the size of the paper. A4 (8.3 x 11.7 inches), is regular sized paper. A2 is about 4 A4s put together! If the chart is printed on A2 then inshaAllah when you stick the word cards on they’ll fit perfectly :)

  9. I will be using this to teach my husband a few more arabic words to add to his vocal. JAK

  10. Shaista Imran says:

    JAK, very interesting way of introducing quran basics. Will do it with my kids. Allah bless you and your family.

    • Ameen! I’m so glad you’ll be doing it with your kids. May it be a means to bring all of us closer to the Qur’an iA.

  11. Jazakallah for this wonderful activity I’m getting this printed & InshaAllah will do this with my 5yo & 3yo. We might include stories from “my first quran story book” by goodword publishers as an adjunct to expand on discussions

    • Waiyyaki! Oh using the Qur’an story book is such a good idea! Let me know how it goes, would love to hear about it.

    • AssalaamuAlaykum sister, I think you executed your idea of doing a story with a word, as I seem to have seen this one one of the Facebook pages but I have lost it. I wanted to follow it and would appreciate if you can point me to Facebook page or write to me about it on mumtaza76@yahoo.com. Jazaki Allahu khayr.

      @parenthoodmus,I style: I have already printed the set and laminated it, I can’t wait to do it with my children. JazakAllah khayr, brilliant idea Ma shaa Allah.

  12. salaam
    is there any way we could get the rest of the discussion for days 11-30? I am not very good at finding authentic stories/hadiths as there is a lot of information out there. jazakallah x

    • inshaAllah we’ll be putting it up by Sunday. Well, that’s the plan! But definitely before the first 10 days are up iA. If you subscribe via email then inshaAllah you’ll be notified :)

      • Jazakallah… may Allah reward you – Ameen

        • Oh I also wanted to check whether you’ve heard of/use Bayyinah TV (www.bayyinah.tv) ? I highly recommend it if you haven’t. When I wasn’t sure about the Tafseer I would just find the video on there and watch it :)

  13. salam, im so excited to start this activity with my kids. can you forward or update me via email when you have updated the balance of 20 days word.
    thank you in advance :)

    • Wsalaams! I’m really happy to hear that, I’m super excited too. inshaAllah we hope to have the remaining 20 up by Sunday. I’ll put out another blog post iA, so if you subscribe to the email list then inshaAllah you’ll be notified :)

  14. Salaam… I love it. We’re doing an advent calendar type thing, and I think your poster board gave me a wonderful idea of how I can incorporate both. May Allah reward you for this and may He accept it a sadaqa-e-jaria iA

    • Ameen! And I love that you’re incorporating it into another activity. Please do let me know how you get on if you have the time, would love to hear about it iA :)

  15. Natasha says:

    Thank you for sharing and for your effort. May Allah swt bless you and family and reward you in this life and hereafter.

  16. shahla khan says:

    jazakALLAH hu khairaan

  17. awesome masha allah great work may allah bless upon u barka and rahmat in reward of this effort

  18. Fatimah Quyyum says:

    MashaAllah I really love this idea, Thank you so much for sharing it. This will not only be fun but very beneficial. I am printing it all out :)

    • Fun and beneficial for all of us iA! I’m very excited about it. Please do share pics later on and let us know how it goes :)

  19. Assalamu’alaikum
    I’m so glad found this. May I’ll make it to my 3YO nephew. For learning me also bfore married 😀

  20. Assalamu’alaikum
    I’m so glad found this. May I’ll make it to my 3YO nephew. but I can’t download the A4’s data(30 words)

    • Walaikum salaam wa rahmatullah!

      You’re such a good aunt mashaAllah. I tried the A4 cards again and the link is working for me. But if you try again and it still isn’t working, please do send me an email to: parenthoodms@gmail.com and I’ll email it to you directly.

  21. Fathima Nushrath says:

    Awesome Idea !
    Please e-mail me when the nest set of words are done. Will love to do this with my kiddos.

    • jazakhAllah khair! I’m hoping to put up a new blog post with the days 11 – 30 so iA if you sign up for to receive emails you’ll be notified.

  22. It is good thank you for sharing this. may Allah reward you for this. Ameen

  23. Jazak Allah for sharing such wonderful activity… keep sharing and May Allah bless you and your entire family.

  24. JazakAllah khair …really loving and appreciate ur idea and helpING us to teach our child the best of Islam and Quran … Thanku so much keep up with the good work :)

  25. great!!

  26. Thank you so much for sharing this.. :)

  27. one more request – is there any way that the words can be downloaded on to A4? as opposed to small square boxes? I would like to display it in my classroom

    • I would love to help out iA. Let me clarify though! You want all the words on one A4?

      • Each individual word on a4 so I can put up each word daily on the board / display in large

        • Oh ok! InshaAllah I’ll try and send that over to you as soon as I can get it done.

          • Assalamu Alaikum! So, unfortunately I haven’t been able to do it this Ramadan. If it’s something you would like to have after Ramadan, I’m sure I can find the time to do it. Please just drop me an email at parenthoodms@gmail.com to remind me! Apologies for this late message!

  28. Jazaka Allah khair sister, may Allah azza wa jal accept your effort for making these and share with us,and give the best. Amin

  29. Great idea that I am forward to do with my kids! I thank you so muchhh… may Allah bless all of us… ameen…

  30. Zafar ul Hassan says:

    Jazak Allah. Very nice effort. I believe learning Quran is the best thing a Muslim can do. God Bless.

  31. Khadijah says:

    Awesome beautiful , I don’t have kids but feeling excited to do the activities myself , imagine that I am 43 ! :)

    • Awww, Alhamdullilah! It really isn’t restricted to the kids, when I was looking up the tafseer for a certain ayah I myself learnt SO much. The more I thought about it, I realized it’s actually a nice way to reflect on a single verse in the Qur’an :)

  32. Assalaamu alaikum… this is awesome :) jazaakallahu qhairan dear for all the efforts…. May Allah bless u and ur family with loads of happiness and good health. Aameen.

  33. Assalamu alaikum,
    What a wonderful and meaningful activity! Thank you so much for sharing. InshaAllah, I hope to do this activity on a daily basis throughout Ramadan with my 7-year-old and my 3-year-old. Just a couple quick questions about printing the 30-day chart. I can’t seem to print more than one page (roughly the top-left corner/ roughly 1/4 of the chart). Any suggestions? Also, my computer doesn’t have an A2 print setting. Can “Letter” print size be an alternative to this?

    • Alhamdullilah, so glad to hear you’ll be trying the activity out. Regarding A2, sorry I should have been more clear about that, A2 is 4 times the size of A4, the only way to print it would be at a print shop. An alternative would be to just get some chart paper and draw out 30 boxes to fit the cards in! Hope that helps :)

  34. BaarakAllaahu feekumaa and jazaakumallaahu khairan for this beautiful resource.
    The card for day ten translates ماء as rain and in the context of the ayah it does of course mean that but its more general meaning is water (for example Allaah mentions that He azza wa jal created all living creatures from ماء in Surah anNoor 24:45) so maybe that translation would be better? and Allaah knows best.

    • Waiyakki dear sister. And jazakiAllahu khairan for taking the time to tell me. You’re absolutely right, it’s an oversight on my part as my sister did tell me to put – ‘Water’ i.e. from the clouds. I’ll be changing that now inshaAllah :)

  35. Love it!! MashAllah for your effort and creativity! May Allah swt reward you!
    I’d love to have more help on how to explain also the rest of the 20 words :) :)

    Have a wonderful and blessed Ramadan

  36. Mehwish says:

    ASA Sara,
    the activity sounds fun.
    When i click on the first link, it says the page has been removed :/
    Can you please check that out :)

    Jazak Allah

  37. Your sister says:

    Jazaki Allah Khair! I love this resource and aim to use it with my 4 year old nephew.

    I found the examples very useful and would like to ask if its possible to put up some examples for the next 20 days? I need to be guided with this as I want to say the right things.


    • Waiyyaki! Oh Alhamdullilah, so glad you’ll be using it with your nephew. InshaAllah we hope to have the next 20 days out by Sunday, or before Day 11 at the very latest! :)

  38. JazaakiAllahkhair this is awesome!!!!

  39. Alhamdulillah – May Allah bless you and your family

  40. Umm Ahmad says:

    This is brilliant stuff, mashallah! I really like how you’ve also provided your discussion points for each word – made it so easy for everyone! May Allah reward you for your efforts, ameen.

  41. Asalalamo alikom warahmato Allah , this is agreat activity to start today with my two boys ( 7and 3) jazakom Allah khayran .

    • Wa’alaykum salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakathu! I’m so glad you’ll be doing it with your boys. If you have the time, let me know how it goes iA!

  42. um abdul rahman says:

    barak Allah fiiki! this is an EXCELLENT resource! May Allah give you peace and barakah in this month and reward you for the effort you took for this and for sharing it

    um Abdul rahman

  43. JazakAllah khair for this amazing resource. May Allah reward you in this duniya and the akhirat (ameen)

  44. sumayah says:

    JAK!! Just love,love this activity. Beautifully done! !I do a program for 3-6 year olds in the masjid and plan to create a storytime around each of your cards for my next year program!! I can’t wait to see what you next activity will be!!:) May Allah(swt) reward you for this wonderful effort!!!

    • Ohh Alhamdullilah that sounds like an AMAZING idea. May Allah place barakah in your program. I really would love to know how it goes (if you remember next year ;))

  45. Jazaakallah for ur great efforts… may Allah s.w.t reward u for building our children’s relationship with Qur’aan in such an interesting way, it will help them build their arabic vocabulary and that is great!!… keep up the good work.. looking forward for more brilliant ideas.. i hope some school teachers may adopt these activities for teaching Islamiat and Arabic…

  46. May Allah reward you,

    This is a very beautiful idea. We are already using it in our Islamic Center in Baltimore, in which we have programs everyday.

  47. Sumaiyya says:

    jazakillahu khairan for this wonderful activity ready for us to use :) Your ajar is being multiplied as I type for I’m sure a lot of families are benefitting from it :) May Allah grant you and your children the best reward in the Hereafter and you enjoy wonderful activities in Jannat al Firdous with your family Ameen <3

  48. this is so cool thanks for sharing

  49. al salam alikom .. plz the link for the words is not working .. thank you

  50. Thank you for inspiring us with this wonderful activity. May Allah reward you and your family.

  51. Salaam Alaikum,

    Thank you for this great activity. I’m going to start this with my kids from tomorrow inshallah. I’d like to talk about it and link to it from my blog too if that’s ok?

    • Walaikum salaam wa rahmatullah! You’re most welcome. Glad you’ll be doing it with your kids. And yes of course, would absolutely love to see how you do the activity iA!

  52. Sabreen says:

    Salaams – this is so great – thank you so much. I am up to Day 9 with my 5 year old and it’s such an enjoyable activity. Will you be posting post Day 10?? Your examples really help.

  53. Assalam o Alaikum, Can you please upload day 21 – day 30 pdf file.


  54. Umm Aa'ishah says:

    Assalamualaikum ww, just wanted to say jazakh’allah so much for this fantastic idea, my almost 4 year daughter and I have been enjoying this daily activity with great enthusiasm. I plan a daily craft to do with the word and we’ve had lots of fun and learnt so much as well.
    Jazakh’allah khair to you sis. Was also wondering if the next 10days will be up soon?

    • Walaikum salaam wa rahmatullah. Oh Alhamdullilah, so SO glad you’ve been enjoying the activity, we have too and truly all good is from Allah! A related craft is such a good idea too! I just uploaded the next 10 days, apologies for the delay! :)

  55. Asalaamualaikum,

    JazakAllah Khair for this wonderful resource. It has been great for my 7 and 5 year old as well as me :). May you be rewarded for this enjoyable learning tool. We can’t wait for 21-30!

    • Walaikum salaam wa rahmatullah! Waiyakki! Alhamdullilah, we absolutely love hearing that it’s been an enjoyable learning experience, it has been for us too! I just uploaded the rest of the examples in case you were looking for them :)

  56. Thank you for sharing this activity? Will Day 21-30 file be uploaded today since today is Day 21?

  57. Which copy of Quran is in picture ( translator i mean) ?

  58. Salaam!! Thank you so much for this wonderful post. My son turns three this Ramadan and I am so excited to do this with him!!!

  59. BarakAllah feeki. Sooo good may it be a sadaqa jariyah 4u ameen

  60. This is really awesome. Jazakallahu khairan for sharing !

  61. Salaam
    this is really great ! Thank you so much for sharing :)
    can I translate it into french and use it with students?

  62. Alhamdulillah…
    Assalamualaikum, I just wanna say jazakallah so much for this great idea.

  63. This is amazingggggg!!!! Really wonderful. I’m including this activity in my son’s advent calendar this year. Thank you so much for this. IA you will get all the reward for all these children and what they learn. May Allah accept your efforts. Ameen

  64. This activity is absolutely amazing! InshaAllah we are starting our summer camp for youngsters in our school and I am so excited to let the teachers do this activity every day in class during the month of Ramadan.
    May this blessed month bring you abundance of blessings and strength to do the amazing work that you do for the love of Allah SWT.
    JazakumAllahu Khairan

  65. Masha Allah Tabarakallah, a great resource to motivate one to learn the vocabulary of the Qur’an and study the Book of Allah with young people. May Allah reward everyone involved in producing these creative materials and guidance. We at the Quran Study Group (www.quranstudygroup.org) will be happy to assist you in whatever way we can to produce other such materials. Jazakumullahu Khayran!

  66. Umm Hamza says:

    Assalamu alaikum,jazakAllah khairan for sharing this amazing idea. May Allah shower His blessings upon you and your family… My one is too young for this so will be doing it with my nieces’ in sha Allah…

  67. salamu alaikum
    Barakallahu fik, thank you for this amazing idea, its fantastic. Thank you so much!!
    Yazaka Allahu jairan!

  68. Assalamo alaykom!

    Just came over this and want to thank you for sharing this wonderful activity! I’ve been looking for something like this and so glad I was able to find it before Ramadan starts this year in sha Allah!
    I just tried to download the ’30 words in the Quran’ PDF but the link is somehow broken when I click on it. Alhamdulillah all the other links are working :)

  69. syukran and jazakallahu khairan jazak
    it’s so fantastik and amazing activities,

  70. Salam

    What a lovely activity you have shared.
    As a Parent Coach and mother I love the idea of having the kids involved in a fun learning activity especially during Ramadan.
    They will associate this and other fun activities with their deen but most importantly bringing families together and xperiencing healthy emotional well being at the same time inshallah
    Well done
    May Allah reward you all
    Ramadan Mubarak

  71. What a beautiful idea, I could even see this working as a (very light) competition for older siblings!

  72. Fatima Bham says:


    Thank you so much for this, looks like a great activity and I would like to try it with my 4 year old this Ramadaan. However, I’m struggling to open the “30 words in the Quraan” pdf, it tells me the link no longer exists.

  73. Aisha buti says:

    dont have enough vocab to say thaaaaanks for sharing such great idea

  74. Nurul Zakiah says:

    Masya Allah!! This is very good effort and activities.
    Jazakillahukhairan khathira!!
    Thank you very much..:)

  75. Sarah UmmYusuf says:

    This is amazing masha’Allah! Jazakum Allahu Khairan for making this! I’m so excited to get this ready for our kiddos this year insha’Allah. May Allah reward you immensely for all the work you put into this. Ameen.

  76. Thank you so much sister for this, i have downloaded all the activity sheets for my 2 children and i have shared your page with all my friends. May Allah reward you for this amazing idea. Jazak Allah Khayr

  77. Anindita says:

    Ma Shaa Allah Sister What a beautiful work you’ve done and share it to us. My kids like it, its fun and exciting for them.. learn, feel and celebrate Allah’s words, our Creator. May Allah reward you best for your work. In Shaa Allah

  78. What a fabulous idea..didn’t have printer available bit stil followed the steps alhumdulillah…feeling better to be able to do some cool stuff with kids InshaAllah

  79. Love this idea! Thank you so much for sharing. May Allah grant you the Khair 😘

  80. JAZAKALLAH for creating this wonderful activity.

    Is anyone having issues when printing the last page? The pictures are fine but all the text are printing as little blank boxes. The first 4 pages printed just fine.

    Thank you for any help in advance.

  81. Ma sha Allah what a great idea. And I found it at just the right time to share with my friends and family alhamdulillah. 2 months to go for Ramadan, enough time for moms of young kids to get these things ready before Ramadan.


  82. Jzks for sharing! Looks amazing! Can’t wait to do this with the kiddies this year.

  83. Fatimah Jurah Salleh says:

    Salaam. Thank you so much for sharing this. Insha Allah. for ramadan this year, i’m planning to use this for my 3 and 4 year old.

  84. Hi – do you have printable hadith for 30 days? Simple, easy hadiths or ayahs for the kids?

  85. Wonderful idea. Inshaallah will do it with my kids this Ramadan

  86. Assalamo aleikom,
    Thank you so much for sharing this activity! I’m doing it with my son this Ramadan and we both Love it. May God reward you.

    / A sister in Sweden


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