Small Deeds Big Rewards

This past Ramadan I had a 5 week old baby; this meant round the clock nursing and little sleep which in turn meant that typical extra ‘ibadah took somewhat of a backseat. Alhamdullilah though, Allah places you in all situations for a reason, the inability to perform those deeds I was used to, led me to reacquaint myself with various small but hugely rewarded acts of worship. I say reacquaint because I was familiar with these but didn’t always do or focus on many of them.

And so I decided to compile them in time for Dhul Hijjah. The process has been incredibly beneficial, reading through each Hadith in particular. I love knowing what exactly the Prophet (SAW) said about a certain act of remembrance, I find it then sticks with me. For example saying when saying ‘SubhanAllah’ a hundred times (which, by the way, only takes a few minutes!) and you really reflect on how perfect Allah is and then you think about how inshaAllah you’ll get 1000 good deeds? Wow, just wow.

So here’s the compilation, it’s 15 acts of worship, mostly the Remembrance of Allah. I pray this is beneficial to you. Please feel free to download, save, print but most importantly use these pages. May Allah enable us to remember Him and make the most of these blessed days. 



  1. Maasha Allah tabaarakAllah. It’s absolutely lovely. It has made me rethink how I’m making adhkar. Jazaakumullah khair. May Allah bless you and your family!

  2. Sana Mehreen says:

    JazakAllah Khair for your effort !! :) very useful !!


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