Taste it! A must-have resource on tasting the sweetness of prayer

sweetness of salah khushu

Sheikh Mishary Al-Kharraz conducted a lecture series on ‘How to Taste the True Beauty of Salah’ in Kuwait in 2008 and one very awesome sister translated and compiled a document that summarized the series. May Allah SWT reward her immensely.

This is a resource I keep coming back to because it’s so well written and motivational. Someone shared this with me well before I had kids and I remember thinking that this was a resource I’d want to share with them one day :)

Download it, print it, but most importantly read and reflect on it! Here’s the link: Taste it! How to taste the True Beauty of Salah

Another sister, Jinan Bastaki, also summarized lectures by the same Sheikh in a series of blog posts over at the Virtual Mosque.

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