Are your kids learning Arabic? You NEED this book.

The Usborne ‘First Thousand Words in Arabic’

usborne first 1000 words arabic

What’s it all about? The book is filled with ‘scenes’ on a double page spread, for instance, ‘at the park’, ‘at the beach’, ‘at the hospital’. Bordering each scene are individual pictures labelled in Arabic and transliteration. There are also pages dedicated to opposites, animals, numbers, colours, the weather, actions etc.

books to teach kids arabic

books to teach kids arabic

Why we use it? This book is helping me acquire more everyday vocabulary I need to talk to the kids in Arabic. Being a stay-at-home mom means I need to know words like ‘sofa’, ‘carpet’, ‘bathtub’ etc. etc. etc.!

Why we love it? Alhamdullilah it’s a fun, FUN way to learn new Arabic vocab. ZB always brings the book to me and asks to ‘wead’ it. There’s so much going on in each scene that you can open the book dozens of times and find something new every time. We’ve had it for months and we’re nowhere near bored.

-The various scenes are often similar to things we encounter in our day-to-day lives making it very relevant.

-When we look at an individual picture on the border, spotting the same picture in the busy scene can turn into a fun game where we repeat the word often.

Drawbacks? Some of the words are used rarely, or not at all in a colloquial sense.

-Sometimes it’s not clear what an individual picture represents. For example there was a picture of a green worm of sorts, I wasn’t entirely sure what creature it was! There is however, an index at the back of the book that one can use to cross reference.

Bottom line:  I highly recommend it for anyone trying to increase their knowledge of general Arabic vocabulary and/or learning to have conversations in Arabic.

Where to buy it? I bought my copy from BookWorld in Australia, but it’s also available via Amazon UK and the Book Depository for around $13.



  1. hi, am really interested with this book, but i cant buy it from amazon (its my first time buy a book from other country. do you have some advice? im ummu saarah, and i live in Indonesia.
    Jazakumullahu khaiyran

    • Assalamu Alaikum Ummu Sarah!

      Did you try Book Depository sister? It’s the second link (next to Amazon). I bought it from Book Depository also and inshaAllah they’ll ship to Indonesia. Let me know if that works iA!

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