Why are you fasting?


Two people are waiting for salah, they’ve taken wudhu and are ready to pray. The adhan sounds and they all but rush to their prayer mats. But there’s a difference…

One is waiting to pray so that he doesn’t miss a minute of a football game  (inconveniently scheduled at the same time as Maghrib), the other is trying to pray on time to fulfil Allah’s command to safeguard his prayer…

I think many of us have fallen into either category at some point in our lives but the example highlights the necessity to check and re-check why we’re doing what we’re doing. To question ourselves, am I consciously seeking reward and the Pleasure of Allah, or am I simply doing this out of habit? Here we are, almost half of Ramadan has passed – has fasting every day become habitual? have you re-checked your intention?

The Prophet (sallalahu alayhi wa sallam) said:

“Whoever fasts Ramadan with emaan and ihtisaab, will have his previous sins forgiven.” [Bukhari]

Let’s talk about ihtisaab for a second, what does it really mean?

“The more the virtues you hope and intend to earn, the higher the reward. The word Ihitsaab means seeking the reward from Allah. This means if you do every deed, whether an act of ‘ibaadah or any other lawful mundane act, hoping for the reward from Allah then you will be rewarded for it according to your sincerity.”  [Al Huda Sisters Publications – Mini Treats]

So the more rewards we seek, the more we will be rewarded inshaaAllah! And in the best of all months, there is no better time to renew our intentions for fasting, for prayer, for absolutely anything else we may do.

A few days ago I flipped through the Ramadan Booklet by Al Huda Sisters and when I came to the page on the ‘Intentions of Fasting’  I realized I really needed the reminder and I needed it to be visible! So I  made a poster and stuck it on the fridge for the adults in my family and I. If you’d like to do the same or just check it out, it can be downloaded HERE.

Only 17 or 18 days to go, may Allah ‘azza wa jal help us make the most of this month. As Asmaa Hussein said in this wonderful article, be a MASTER of your intentions. 

NOTE: This is not an exhaustive list of the reasons fasting is good for us.

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